Ted Spencer Recording is located at:
344 West 72nd Street, Suite 4H, New York, NY 10023
Telephone/Fax: 212-877-7521
Email: ted@tedspencer.com

Ted Spencer Recording is available by appointment only to  pre-screened clients, and is not open to the general public in the strict sense of the term. Most new clients are referred here by people I know and trust, and thus their integrity can easily be confirmed in advance of the booking.

Artists and producers unknown to me or my existing clients and friends (such as people finding out about the studio for the first time on this site) are invited to record here as well, pending a simple verification of their credibility. How this is accomplished will vary from case to case, but will not in any way make it difficult for honest people to bring their projects here. Since the studio space is also my home, hopefully it should be understandable to everyone that these kinds of precautions are necessary.

Professionals, amateurs and beginners alike are welcome. It will be my pleasure to help you with your recording work, whatever your level of skill and experience.

An Important Note:

Please call or email for our (very reasonable!) rates and availabilty

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Ted Spencer Recording